In 2008, while backpacking with friends, I became obsessed with being comfortable around camp without carrying heavy equipment. "Ultralight" research gave me lots of expensive ideas, but that was about it.

One day I hiked several miles behind a friend who had a lawn chair tied to his external frame pack. Then it hit me, "what if the chair was the pack frame?"

Later that day, another friend began cutting firewood with his Sven saw. I was impressed, and couldn't wait to buy one. However, being a father of 5 kids, aka "usually broke", I decided to build my own saw, better and cheaper.

Building a saw and a pack at the same time led to a philosophy;
Cross use of material reduces weight.
Every piece of the saw, except the blade, is used to make the chair.

After two years of testing, destroying other packs for parts, buying a sewing machine, and designing a logo, the APASAC was finished! Or was it?

And then it became a hammock chair!